Congratulations on wanting to start a Unit Website!

This page will help you set up a website and email list for your new Scouting Program.

We recommend the Basic Setup here. 

Basic Setup

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create a New Site”
  3. Choose a Blog site
  4. Type in what you want your site to be called we recommend, Unit Type, Unit number and then Atlanta, i.e. Pack000Atlanta
  5. Type the same site name as the URL address to keep it simple
  6. Pick the plan and pay what is right for your needs, we recommend the personal plan for $5 a month, it comes with free chat support to help you if you need it. If you don’t want to pay you can start for free and see if the website helps your unit before you commit.

Now you have a Word Press site and you are ready to start customizing it to your needs.

Click Here for Next Steps!

Youth Protection Considerations

To make sure that we are keeping with Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse and protecting our Scouts there are a few Barriers that should be considered carefully:

Maintain Two-Deep Leadership at all times

  • No private messages between Youth and Adults including; Email, Text, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, etc.
  • Use Public Spaces to your advantage; Facebook Groups, Facebook Timelines and Comments and Twitter Replies are public spaces that anyone can see what is being said
  • Always copy another Adult on any communication by using Group Message, Email CC, etc.

Respect Others Privacy

  • You must have photo permission to use the photos
  • Individuals should have their own profiles
  • The personal information on these profiles should be kept private
  • Scouts with personal profiles for social media should make those profiles private
  • Generally recommended by all digital media experts
  • This protects them and keeps them safe

No Bullying

  • Be prepared to respond to negative or inaccurate posts if a response is warranted.”
  • Some negative comments do not require a response, others should be taken seriously and addressed
  • Remember, you’re a Scout even when others aren’t acting like one
  • Take advantage of reporting tools when necessary