Creating a google calendar for your unit has several benefits. Firstly, you can display it on your WordPress pack website easily utilizing free google tools.  Secondly, all your members cans subscribe and have it show up automatically on their calendars.  This works on google as well popular Microsoft tools etc.   This is an easy way for your parents to keep up with your unit calendar.

First step is to login to utilizing your google account information for the unit   Click on the setting gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.  Then select Settings.    Choose settings for my calendars -> on the left-hand side.  Once you have selected this you will see all the settings for this google calendar.

Scroll down to the Integrate Calendar section.  Under that area, there is a box labelled Embed Code.  Copy this code utilizing your computer’s copy function.  The code will start with an <iframe and end with a <\frame>. Make sure you copy it all.

After you are logged-in as administrator to your WordPress site, navigate to the calendar page.  Select edit page.  You will see two tabs on the right-hand side Visual and Text. Visual will show how the page will look.  Select Text – this allows you to type in code to display on your webpage.   In Text mode, move your cursor into the main window and paste the code copied from above.  Once you have done that, select Update on the right.  This will now publish this updated calendar on your website. On the google calendar displayed, there is a small icon to subscribe to this calendar to add to your personal calendar.

Once you have this setup, the keeper of the calendar only needs to update it once on the google calendar for and it will automatically be updated on the website and on any of your members calendar who have subscribed to it.

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