Congratulations you now have a website!

The next step is personalizing it, configuring it and adding content.

Choosing a Theme:

There are a ton of both free and premium (paid) themes available for WordPress that allow you to choose a design that suits the look and functionality of your website.

While many of the free themes available offer you a degree of design and functionality the premium themes are often more professional looking and give you much more flexibility in customizing your website and can often be purchased for less than $100.

A few free themes that we like are:

But you can choose any theme that you like.

First Post

Configure your website

Now that your website is up and running and you’ve chosen your theme you’ll want to configure your website so that you provide the best experience for your visitors.

Set up your navigation and make it easy for your visitors to know what your website is about and give them easy access to the most important parts of your website.

Choose two or three primary colors to represent your site but don’t go overboard as too many colors can turn off your visitors or detract them from what is important. We recommend Red, White and Blue.

Organize, separate and highlight the important areas of your site to provide additional clarity. You can do this by adding menus at the top with links to your calendar, activities, training’s or photos you want to display.

Final Step! Add content

If you’ve made it to this part congratulations you’re all set.

Now you get to have fun and start adding content to your website!

Create a blog post and get too writing all about your Unit and the great activities you have planned. Remember you want your website to be useful so having the most important information at the top is key to having people read the content.

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